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About the Bloggers

Mike Margol is the earliest member of the blogging team. Mike has done a variety of tasks for PhotoEdit, including website maintenance and upgrades, in-house photography, and online promotion via press releases and brand name management. In his free time, he does freelance photography around the southern California area when he is not busy writing the next great American novel or working on classic cars.

Kristen Sachs has been a member of the PhotoEdit team since the end of 2007. When she’s not at her desk in Costa Mesa, she’s at home enjoying her time with her husband, little girl, and two cats.

Raquel Ramirez has been with PhotoEdit for more than a decade. Recently, taking the helm as the organizations President, Ramirez has worked in every department in the agency and is a bona fide member of the very nerdy literati-technorati. Which means she’s earned a 60-unit Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing but enjoys her career as a professional photography agent and impromptu IT tech. It keeps her out of trouble.

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